Patricia Pace-Bartolomei

Patricia Pace-Bartolomei (Patti) is the Financial Manager of Daigle Law Office. With over 20 years’ experience in financial management, debt settlement and human resources and a QuickBook expert, Patti keeps the financial matters in order at Daigle Law Office. All funds coming in and all funds going out must cross her desk. Daigle Law Office depends on her expertise arranging payment plans for our clients. She also keeps a tight rein on any delinquent accounts and heads up the Debt Settlement Department ( at Daigle Law Office. Patti retired as a certified EMT but we are fortunate to have someone at Daigle Law Office that can perform CPR or de-escalate any situation. When she isn’t our head bean counter, Patti enjoys hockey, football, reading, her children, her dog Chumley and an occasional martini.