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Testimonial from LJS - Framingham, MA

I first connected with Tracey from Daigle Law Offices as I was fighting a losing battle with bank for my home of 17 years; Foreclosure auction was scheduled in less than 2 HOURS and I was desperately trying to stop it!! I needed time to get my affairs in order and the bank was closing in, LITERALLY! They kept moving up the auction dates leaving me trapped and out of time! After my husband died, no one from the bank would even TALK to me. Everything was in my husband’s name and nothing in MY name. I was in an utter panic and I was calling lawyer after lawyer, agency after agency desperately looking for help to stop this foreclosure auction. People were literally starting to line up outside my house with checks in their hands waiting to bid on MY HOME! I have children and after so much loss, our home and each other are all we have left. We were terrified of losing our home. I connected with Tracey from Daigle Law and after giving her my information. She called me back in 15 minutes and told me I can breathe. THEY ARE GOING TO HELP ME!!

35 minutes later she sent me a text saying she had started the process and they were calling the bank right now to stop the auction (WHAT!?!). Tracey and the team there were able to IMMEDIATELY STOP THE AUCTION minutes before my house would have been sold!! She stopped everything and made us a priority and saved us from what would have been catastrophic for my family. I had called over 50 lawyers and NO ONE would take my case. It was complicated and overwhelming and Daigle Law Office did what NO ONE else cared enough to do and saved our home. I have never been more afraid in my life and I fought to find help until the very last hour and I am SO THANKFUL I found Tracey at Daigle Law Office. Tracey and the team there literally saved us and I will be eternally grateful.


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