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Attorney Peter Daigle Talks With Katherine On “This Needs To Be Said” About Life’s Challenges And Bankruptcy.

Katherine: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining the conversation. Our friend Attorney Peter Daigle, has joined us again and I almost gave it away last time we were talking when we were discussing that you are not alone when it comes to facing life’s challenges and bankruptcy is the answer sometimes to life […]

Peter Daigle From Daigle Law Office Speaks With Katherine About Bankruptcy & The 8 Step Plan For Rebuilding Your Credit, On “It Needs To Be Said”

Katherine: Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today on This Needs To Be Said. We are going to shake this elephant again, talking about bankruptcy and making bankruptcy a word that shows you that you are resetting your life, not a bad word. So our elephant in the room for some time […]

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Do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy ? Whether or not you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy depends upon various factors.  The primary aspects that determine your qualification are income, assets, or any recent transfer of property.  When it comes to income, you must make below the median household income of your particular state in […]

Will I lose my vehicle if I file bankruptcy?

Will I lose my vehicle if I file bankruptcy? If a chapter 7 bankruptcy has been filed, a lender is not able to repossess a vehicle or otherwise collect a debt. However, the court can sometimes grant permission for the lender to take the vehicle. How the Automatic Stay Stops Repossession Without Permission From the […]

Will I lose my retirement funds if I file bankruptcy?

Most retirement accounts are considered exempt through bankruptcy. Congress reconstructed the bankruptcy laws in 2005. Under the changed law, barring a few exceptions, pension plans and retirement accounts are exempt and have no impact on what is paid out to your unsecured debt. Plans that that qualify for this exemption include and ERISA qualified account: […]


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