Foreclosure Defense

There are multiple ways to save your home. Daigle Law Office modification specialists can help you explore your full range of options, so you can save your home and start building toward a better future. Contact us today at (508) 771-7444 today to learn more.

Can I Qualify For a Loan Modification?

For over a decade, our lawyers have been dedicated to helping clients across Massachusetts to save their homes and get the debt relief they deserve. Many people considering bankruptcy find that loan modification provides them with a quicker and easier solution.

Loan modification allows you to renegotiate your current mortgage with your lender. The loan modification process is typically set up by the mortgage companies themselves, but we can put you in touch with our specialist here at Daigle Law Office that can guide you through the process.

When Loan Modification Does Not Work

One of the toughest aspects of loan modification is that many mortgage companies are too overwhelmed to handle all the cases that come their way. If the loan modification process is not working for you, we can an immediately halt a foreclosure through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

The loan modification process could provide you with the best possible way to save your home, but if it does not work, we are equipped to resolve the manner in other ways. With offices in Centerville and Norwell, we help homeowners across Massachusetts.

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