Peter Daigle From Daigle Law Office Speaks With Katherine About Bankruptcy & The 8 Step Plan For Rebuilding Your Credit, On “It Needs To Be Said”

Katherine: Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today on This Needs To Be Said. We are going to shake this elephant again, talking about bankruptcy and making bankruptcy a word that shows you that you are resetting your life, not a bad word. So our elephant in the room for some time […]

Is Bankruptcy a Bad Word – April 2017 Interview

Katherine: Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining us for This Needs To Be Said. Our friend, attorney Peter Daigle is joining us and we’re going to continue our conversation about bankruptcy on today. Welcome back, Peter. How are you? Peter Daigle: Good Katherine, nice to talk to you. Thank you. Katherine: I want […]


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