Catherine Domurat


As the Administrative Assistant for the Bankruptcy Department, Catherine Domurat is an invaluable resource, responsible for the administrative work that takes place prior to filing for bankruptcy, taking care of payment plans, paperwork, and answering clients’ questions.

A real estate paralegal for over a decade, Catherine came to the Daigle Law Office in 2009 initially as a receptionist and bookkeeper and immediately took on more responsibilities. As a mother to 5 children and grandmother to 6, Catherine understands the struggle of raising a family. “I have had my own financial struggles, and I know what it is like to raise a family and struggle,” says Catherine. She enjoys helping clients through what is often one of the worst periods of their lives. “Helping our clients gives me fulfillment. We are compassionate, and understanding. We know they are vulnerable and are confiding in things that are not normally talked about, but they trust us.”

Catherine enjoys spending time with her children, and grandchildren, and loves travelling with her sisters, swimming and snorkeling.