Debt Settlement in Massachusetts

Debt Settlement is generally used as a last resort before filing for bankruptcy protection. Debt settlement may leave a bad mark on your credit report. While it may help your current situation, and it does look good that you are taking responsibility to pay your debt, it also shows that you had to negotiate with a creditor to pay your debt at a reduced amount.

Bay State Debt Settlement can assist you by negotiating with a creditor to settle your debt. Settlement is a process of negotiations between the creditor and the debtor, or the debtors’ attorney to accept a lump sum payoff in full for the amount owed.

The representatives at Bay State Debt Settlement, under the supervision and guidance of Massachusetts attorneys have the experience and knowledge that is needed to negotiate a settlement that you end up paying anywhere from 10% to 50% less than what you actually owe. During the debt settlement negotiation process, Bay State Debt Settlement can stop creditors from harassing you until a settlement is reached.