Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation in Massachusetts

At Daigle Law Office, we have been representing clients throughout Massachusetts in matters of civil litigation for over fifteen years. Experience has taught our team the value of personalized representation in civil litigation.

To best represent our clients, we emphasize clear and candid communication. We promptly return phone calls, make ourselves available to answer your questions and keep you updated with information about your case.

Our firm’s clients range from small and large business owners, mortgagors, real estate developers, medical professionals and more. We offer creative and innovative legal strategies to help our clients achieve their legal objectives.

We handle many areas of civil litigation in Massachusetts and federal courts, including the matters listed below:

Real Estate

We resolve disputes related to Massachusetts commercial and residential real estate, including disputes that arise during buy-sell transactions or because of a breach of contract. We also handle eminent domain litigation. Landlord/Tenant Law: Our lawyers handle residential and commercial landlord/tenant lawsuits such as leasing disputes, evictions, subleasing disputes, breach of warranty and breach of habitability.

Breach of Contract

When a party fails to fulfill a contractual obligation, it may be possible to take legal action for breach of contact. Massachusetts and federal contract law is complex, so we suggest that our clients talk with us about the best course of action as soon as possible.

Our long list of accomplishments has helped establish our Massachusetts law firm as a leader in the legal community. Using years of experience, our law firm offers effective representation that achieves favorable results for our clients.

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