Attorney Peter Daigle

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. – John Lennon


Peter-Daigle-150xIf you’re reading this book the chances are that there has been a financial bump in the road for you or someone you know. It is nearly impossible to get through life unscathed. When I look around at those in my life I see all sorts of unforeseen circumstances that have caused major life changes, whether it is illness, divorce, job or business loss.

My career as an attorney began where my previous one left off, as a real estate developer and general contractor who got caught in a down market. Despite all of the successes I had, it didn’t end up the way I planned. It all happened to me… foreclosure, judgments, creditors, IRS. You name it. It could be happening to you. I’ve felt your pain. I’ve awaken up at 3 am worrying about how to deal with creditors; felt my pulse elevate every time the phone rang; and afraid to open my mail.

So, with my fresh start I went to law school and became a bankruptcy attorney and it has changed my life. It is my turn to fight for you using my professional skills and my real world experience to get you a fresh start. I now spend my day counseling individuals and families on options based on their circumstances. In all cases we come up with a plan. And with that plan they feel empowered and rejuvenated….ready to take their life back. Armed with a discharge in bankruptcy they are able to start over with all of their possessions intact and their credit score on the mend.

It all begins with knowledge to dispel the myths of bankruptcy and that is the reason for this book. There is too much misinformation out there. You’ll get it from your family, friends, acquaintances, and overhear it in the grocery store. It’s time to learn The Truth about Bankruptcy in Massachusetts.

I hope you read this book and feel empowered to make a change in your life. Warmest regards,

Peter M. Daigle