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Massachusetts attorney Peter M. Daigle has over 20 years experience in the area of Debt Relief for Massachusetts residents.

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Let Attorney Peter Daigle Explain Your Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Options. Learn about our Debt Settlement Services and avoid bankruptcy. Clear your loans and fix your bad credit today. We provide our services to those residing in all of the Counties of Massachusetts.


Financial Debt Options

  • Consolidate to one monthly payment
  • Find quick relief from debt
  • End all actions by collectors
  • Halt any interest to creditors
  • Stop wage garnishments

Asset & Wage
Protection Plans

  • Repair and rebuild credit – start saving
  • Solutions that don’t involve bankruptcy
  • Protecting your bank accounts
  • Protecting you wages from garnishment
  • Receive legal representation in any lawsuits

Budget Management

  • Effective budget restructuring
  • Learn the secrets for real budgeting
  • Straightforward budget counselling
  • Increase cash flow
  • Gain control of your financial situation

Information About
Debt Consolidation

  • What are your options?
  • Why use Debt Management or Debt Consolidation?
  • Formal options for dealing with your debts
  • What should you do if you are sued while you are making your payments in a Debt Consolidation Plan?
  • How do you choose a Debt Consolidation Company?
  • Scams and Con Artists
  • FAQs


  • Can Attorney Peter M. Daigle help you get out of debt?

Bounce back from your financial disaster with professional credit card debt settlement

We all have found ourselves on the verge of bankruptcy at least once. If the same happened to you, take it easy as the Massachusetts debt settlement attorney Peter Daigle will come to your assistance. Let us stand behind your financial wellness, and you will forget about those creditors harassing you once and for all.

The process of credit card negotiation with creditors might be stressful for every debtor. That is why we are here to do that for you. Throughout the depth of our experience, we have successfully reached hundreds of agreements to reduce the amounts owed by those who trust us. The team of Daigle Law Office has a full-fledged skill set and profound first-hand knowledge needed to help you pay up to 50% less than what you owe.

Debt settlement programs are your way out

Our services are available for everyone living in Massachusetts. You won’t end up in bankruptcy if you consider the following solutions:

  • Salary protection. We do our best so that you don’t face any wage garnishments. With us, your bank account will be safe from abolition. In case of lawsuits, you won’t have to worry about the wrong statements you may give. Our lawyers will take your credit card settlement under their control.
  • Budget management plans. Daigle Law Office takes the trouble to help you cut your expenses and vouches for your uninterrupted cash flow. Find out what tactics you should follow to manage your money better.
  • Stay informed about debt pooling. Be sure to get a free assessment of your financial obligations and actions you need to take if you are sued when paying off your debt.

There’s always a way for credit card debt settlement and relief. Schedule your free assessment by dialing 781-561-1220 to get expert consultation.


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