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Testimonial from M. Robinson - Woburn, MA

I would like to say that DAIGLE LAW OFFICE saved my home! My home was in foreclosure with a major bank. I attempted to get my mortgage account reinstated with the funds required by the bank but I continued to get the run-around, it was clear the bank and the bank’s attorney’s were not very interested in helping me restore my account even though I had sent in more than the funds required to restore my account. In fact, they went ahead and scheduled and SOLD my home at auction (I was unaware of the time of the auction and had to be notified by a neighbor as to what was going on). I was very devastated as the bank would not let me speak to anyone with authority and I was getting the run-around from all parties involved to resolve this issue. Basically I was left to deal with the fact that my home was improperly sold. I was almost sure I had no options but to accept it.

That same day I reached out to DAIGLE LAW OFFICE, and spoke to Attorney Daigle himself. He was the only attorney in the Boston area that was able to speak with me in length, and provided hope and reassurance that his firm could help. This made me feel much better as I really felt very alone and defenseless. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the sensitivity exhibited by Attorney Daigle and his staff. I was able to contact them and speak to those handling my case, and received constant communication which further assured me they were actively working on resolving my issue.,

DAIGLE LAW OFFICE discovered errors committed by the bank and was able to get the foreclosure sale rescinded! They did that very quick (in about 2 weeks, even over a busy Thanksgiving holiday week). My mortgage is now active again, and everything is current with bank and it is all thanks to the hard work of DAIGLE LAW OFFICE. I can’t over-state enough how grateful I am to them for saving my family’s house. Without them I am not sure where we would be today.


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