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Money and Bankruptcy – April 2016 Interview

Katherine: Hello everyone. It is time for our time with attorney Peter Daigle, and we’re talking money and bankruptcy. Now Peter, I want to say welcome back of course because you always get our questions answered, but it’s about the money this month. We’re in tax season and people are worried about how are things […]

Giving up the house – March 2016 Interview

Katherine: All right. It’s time for us to spend some time with Attorney Peter Daigle. He has been helping us understand bankruptcy and how it can help us get back on the right track in our lives. Again, I want to thank Attorney Daigle for being here with us. Thank you and welcome back. How […]

Co Signing – February 2016 Interview

Katherine: Hello everyone, we’re here today with Peter Daigle, attorney. He talked with us about bankruptcy matters. As promised last month, I said we’re going to have to talk about co-signing. This has been something that I’ve heard people talk about, but never really listened to any facts about it, so today we’re going to […]

In Memoriam Grace Daigle

February 15, 1957 – January 15, 2016 “It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that we inform you that our beloved friend and colleague, Grace Daigle , passed away peacefully at home on January 15, 2016, after a months-long battle with cancer. “Our prayers and thoughts are with her husband of 35 years, […]

The Difference Between Bankruptcy and Foreclosure – December Interview

Katherine: Hello, everyone. We have attorney Peter Daigle talking with us today to help us talk about and understand bankruptcy. Peter, welcome back to This Needs to be Said. How are you? Peter: I’ve very good. Thanks for asking. Katherine: Listen, I want to jump right into our conversation. Someone submitted a question to me, […]

What To Expect When You File Bankruptcy

Bert: Let’s get this party started. My first guest is Peter Daigle. Peter Daigle is an attorney specializing in consumer bankruptcy. He has helped thousands of individuals and families obtain relief from creditors. The Daigle Law Office is located in Norwell and Centerville, Massachusetts serving clients in eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands. Peter […]

Understanding Credit Debt and Bankruptcy – November Interview

Katherine: It’s time for us to talk with Attorney Peter Daigle, and this month as we’re talking about bankruptcy, he’s going to help us understand the effects of bankruptcy on our credit. I want to welcome you. Welcome Peter back into the conversation. Attorney Daigle welcome back to This Needs To Be Said. Of course […]

Attorney Peter Daigle Talks with “On-Air with Sir” about Bankruptcy [September 2015]

Sir: You’re now listening. You’re On-Air with Sir. Sir: Welcome back to On-Air with Sir. It’s your man Sir, man. We’re doing what we do. I’m live in Philadelphia right now. Getting ready to go to DC for two weeks. If you’re interested in coming on the show, you know … Just go to […]

Rebuilding your credit

After filing for bankruptcy, it’s now time to start rebuilding your credit.  Contrary to popular belief, this can be done fairly easily and in a short period of time if the proper steps are taken.  Our office offers access to what is know as the 720 program which will rebuilt your credit in optimal time. This website provides additional […]



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